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First of all SHAME ON YOU ALL for not posting in this community since last September! *scowl and scorn*

Secondly, here is the latest update on Raven's health.

NoDQ.com > TNA > Update on Raven's status with TNA
Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/13/2006 at 03:42 PM

Raven was a guest on Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Live radio show Sunday night. Raven was asked about a TNA return, and said a storyline has been discussed, but no time table for a return to TV has been established.

During the interview, Raven talked about his medical problems, including suffering from high blood sugar levels, low testosterone levels, and is on thyroid medication. Raven admitted that he gained about 30 pounds in recent months, claiming to be around 280 lbs.

After reading this, I am more seriously considering a plan I'd played around with of setting up a gift giving for him. Would any of you be interested in participating? Sending Raven some notes, poems, artwork, or anything else you could think of, just to say we care? I want to do this as a group so that he receives a huge package all at once; a giant outpouring of love that he so rightly deserves. So unless there are a lot of responses I probably won't go through with this.

Please reply letting me know you're interested and then I will post again later with a decision, based upon responses.
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Nice idea, and I hope you get some replies ... but even if no-one else takes you up on it, the Boss LOVES presents - so I'm sure he'd love it if you sent him stuff regardless.
I hate that he calls himself the Boss. It makes me think of Bruce Springstein every time. :P

If no one else participate I still plan on sending him something on my own, but I don't wanna go to the trouble of getting a big box and going to the post office unless it's a good amount of stuff.

I'd like to try this scrap book idea that a friend of mine did and gave to Paul London...
Didn't know you could post as a community?

I just found out about this recently. I feel pretty bad for him. This sucks. I hope he's going to be ok.

Send him some naked pictures I'm sure he'd appreciate that lol (uh, not you guys only the girls LOL)
He does seem to enjoy getting those a lot. >D I doubt he'd mind the boys too much either. *ducks the incoming barrage of things that everyone will throw at her*
Well as far as the thyroid thing goes as long as he gets the medicine dose right and keeps it under control the weight will come off and he will feel much better. I know because I have a thyroid problem myself. And as far as anything else that's wrong I'd be more than happy to kiss it and make it better. I hope he returns to TNA soon seeing as a friend of mine just got signed on with them and it would be a really good excuse to go see him there and meet the guys in the back. Hopefully he wouldn't figure out that the plan was to hang with Raven and not him. As far as the gift thing; I am game on that and if you have any ideas on something you wanna get let me know. I'd send naked pics but I'm not sure he'd really like them so I'll pass but will try to get naked pics of other girls for him.
*arches a brow* Your friend just signed with TNA? You'll have to understand if I'm a tiny bit skeptical on that. *tilts head* Who, pretell?


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

*snorts* Oh come on. Everyone knows what kind of presents he really wants... starts with "boo" ends in "-bies"
*sighs heavily*
That is a nice idea to do but you know? I think that if Raven has enough people who know him to cheer him up. He even said that he's like a celeb at the strip clubs and I'm sure he has enough dollars for the girls.

Don't take this as mean. It is just a joke and I hope the Boss man feels better soon.

Like I want to see naked pics of other girls. If I wanted to see naked chicks, I could look in the mirror.
I think sending the boss something would be an awesome idea. I'm not sure exactly what seeing as I'm just a poor aussie.

I think the ideas of women sending him naked pics would cheer him up a shitload though.
*laughs* I see a lot of free softcore coming my way in the future.
sounds like a good idea, i REALLY like the scrap book idea. I play Raw Deal and run a Raven deck. He's the shit and deserves the attention. TNA is not as fun without him, I'd like to see him and Christian go at it for the title down the line. ::crosses fingers::
comic book crap?
What about comic books? *confuzzled*
I am slightly good with artwork. Recently I did a drawing of Lodi that looked like something out of an old batman cartoon. Im sure I could dish out some work for the Boss even though it wouldn't be anything...grand.
Actually, I already had a post up before informing people that I wanted things sent in.. but only two days after I posted it in the forum on Raven's own website the thread was locked for no reason. So apparently the boss is a pissy bitch who doesn't appreciate sympathy. The project was cancelled.